See which brokers sold and bought the most in January 2017

NEPSE opened at 1465.75 points on January 1 and closed at 1326.6 points on the last trading day of January. Over Rs 9 arba worth of shares were traded during the entire month. On the last week, NEPSE went through a roller-coaster when it fell down sharply from 1375.14 to 1309.7 in a single day, and then went up from 1326.6 to 1389.83.

For this period, ShareSansar has analyzed the buying and selling figures of the 50 brokers. Sharp increase in selling pressure had dragged NEPSE down 65.14 points in a single day. See which brokers sold and bought the most during this period.

Top Sellers

Imperial Securities Co. Pvt. Ltd. (Broker No. 45) has sold shares worth Rs 89.75 crore, up 125% of its selling amount in December 2016. It had sold stocks worth only Rs 39.73 in December. Online Securities (Broker No. 49) is a second most selling broker with Rs 75.9 crore worth stocks sold in January.


  • AKPL 688.50(52) (14)
  • DHPL 688.50(52) (14)
  • EBL 688.50(52) (14)